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Create your own lists

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The RecordWizard allow anyone to import words to record from already existing word lists. Those lists are wiki pages stored in the List namespace. Thus, any logged contributor can create its own lists or edit existing one.

Explore existing lists

Lists sorted by language code

Create a new list

Lists are stored on Lingua Libre as standard wikipages. Their names are standardized; it starts with the code ISO 639-3 (complete list available here) of the language used in the list, the slash "/" punctuation mark, and at last the name you want to give to your word list. For example, for a list of vegetables in English: Eng/Vegetables.

Enter the name of your list (as explained in the previous paragraph) in the textbox below to create your list. You will then be able to add words to it. It should be formated as follow:

  • One word per line;
  • Words can be preceded by a single # or *;
  • Do not leave any comments inside your list, otherwise they will be treated as words to record.

Multi-lingual wordlist

Multi-lingual wordlist --wordlist including the translation of target words-- are not supported at the moment. An issue have been opened on LinguaLibre developments and bugs tracking system (T211086).